︎︎︎Dr Danah Abdulla is a designer, educator and researcher based in London, UK

Countering the Disinformation Machine: Public engagement with Southwark Council’s COVID-19 immunisation strategy

Funded research project with Dr Hena Ali and Dr Silvia Grimaldi

How might we design interventions to close the communication gap between the council and the target public and dispel myths regarding Covid-19 and the vaccine, for effective engagement with the Council’s Covid-19 immunisation strategy? The pilot research study developed an understanding of how we can collaborate with local strategic units delivering public health communication and public health services effectively, and counter misinformation leading to a lack of public engagement with the government’s vaccination drive in Southwark Council. The project brought together students from BA Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts and MA Service Design at London College of Communication to conduct research with the local community to understand the problems and develop a series of policy, communication and service design proposals. The research culminated in a report published by the UAL Social Design Institute.

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