︎︎︎Dr Danah Abdulla is a designer, educator and researcher based in London, UK

In the City Exhibition (2013)

In the City—a design and sound art exhibition—provides a rare glimpse into four Arab cities: Alexandria, Algiers, Baghdad, and Nablus. The exhibition took place from 26 Sep–15 Dec 2013 at P21 Gallery in London.

Participants: design_atelier_, Sherif Adel, Yusef Alahmad, Nora Aly, Mohamed Nabil Labib, Wael Morcos, Maajoun, Nayzak, Nour Tabet, Ghada Wali, Ibraheem Youssef, and Mohammed Zakaria

Exhibition identity: Ibraheem Youssef

Photography: Maria Portugal
More images can be viewed here
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