Selected Publications*

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Journal articles/Book Reviews

 Abdulla, D., (forthcoming 2021). Keep Your Distance, Wear a Mask and Stay Safe: The Visual Language of Covid-19 Print-Based Signage. Visual Resources, 36(3).

Abdulla, D., Ansari, A., Canlı, E., Keshavarz, M., Kiem, M., Oliveira, P., Prado, L. and Schultz, T. (2019). A Manifesto for Decolonising Design. Journal of Futures Studies, 23(3), pp.129–132.

Book Review: Design as an Attitude by Alice Rawsthorn (2018). Design and Technology Education: an International Journal, 23(3), pp.202–208.

Schultz, T., Abdulla, D., Ansari, A., Canlı, E., Keshavarz, M., Kiem, M., Prado de O. Martins, L. and Vieira de Oliveira, P. (2018). Editors’ Introduction. Design and Culture, 10(1), pp.1–6.

Schultz, T., Abdulla, D., Ansari, A., Canlı, E., Keshavarz, M., Kiem, M., Prado de O. Martins, L. and Vieira de Oliveira, P. (2018). What is at stake with decolonizing design? A Roundtable. Design and Culture, 10(1), pp.81–101.
Book chapters

Abdulla, D., 2021. Disciplinary Disobedience: a border-thinking approach to design. In: Design Struggles, PLURAL. [online] Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Valiz.pp.227–241. Available at: <>.

Abdulla, D., 2019. Design Culture: The challenges and opportunities of introducing a new field in Jordan. In: M. Nygaard Folkmann, H.-C. Jensen, G. Julier, A. Munch and N. Peter Skov, eds. Design Culture: Objects and Approaches. London: Bloomsbury.pp.214–226.

Abdulla, D., 2018. Sleep faster, we need the pillows. In: J. Boelen, ed. Design As Learning: A School Of Schools Reader. Amsterdam: Valiz.pp.172–179.

Abdulla, D., Prado de O. Martins, L. and Schultz, T., 2018. Decolonising Design Education: Ontologies, Strategies, Urgencies. In: J. Lindgren, ed. Extra-Curricular. Eindhoven: Onomatopee.pp.76–91.

Abdulla, D., 2016. Only Icons. In: Y. Suleiman, ed. Being Palestinian Personal Reflections on Palestinian Identity in the Diaspora. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.pp.22–24.

Published Conference Papers

Collaborative Curricula (2017). In: C. Kung, E. Lam and Y. Lee, eds., Open Design for E-very-thing: Cumulus Hong Kong Working Papers. Cumulus Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media, pp.141–143.
A Manifesto of Change or Design Imperialism? A Look at the Purpose of the Social Design Practice (2014). In: Claudio Coletta, Sara Colombo, Paolo Magaudda, Alvise Mattozzi, et al. (eds.). A Matter of Design: Making Society through Science and Technology. 2014 Milan, STS Italia Publishing. pp. 245–260.

Magazine Articles & Interviews

Against Performative Positivity (2021). Futuress.

Radicalise Me (2019). Modes of Criticism, 4(1), pp.25–32.

A platform for Third World solidarity: the PFLP bulletin. The Funambulist, 4(22), Mar-Apr 2019. pp.34-39
Pinner, E., 2018. Decolonising Design. In: A.J. Clarke, A. Klein and M. Kries, eds., Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design. Weil am Rhein, Germany: Vitra Design Museum. pp. 200-205

The Decolonising Design Group, (2017). Design Activism: A Conversation by The Decolonising Design Group. Modes of Criticism, 3(1), pp.55–65.
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