︎︎︎Dr Danah Abdulla is a designer, educator and researcher based in London, UK
I have been invited to give talks at several institutions globally including Rhode Island School of Design, Royal College of Art, Glasgow School of Art, Leeds Arts University, Architectural Association,  Fachhochschule in Basel, Goldsmiths, University of London, and Bilkent University.

Selected Guest Talks & Workshops

    11.2022—On the Contradictions of Sustainability (Keynote) • Futuress (Online) (Watch)

    11.2022—A Working Inventory of Things a Designer Should Know • Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia, Lisbon, Portugal

    10.2022—On the Contradictions of Sustainability (Keynote) • Relating Systems Thinking and Design 11, Brighton, UK

    02.2022—Countless Palestinian Futures with Sarona Abuaker • SOAS Middle East Centre

    12.2021—Future of Education with Haytham Nawar • afikra x Tasmeem Doha 2022 (Online) (Watch)

    11.2021—Designerly ways of knowing: a working inventory of things a designer should know (Keynote)  • Attending to Futures Conference, Cologne, Germany (Watch)

    10.2020—Against Performative Positivity: Designerly Ennui (Keynote), Graphic Days Torino, Turin, Italy

    09.2019—Decoloniality & Pedagogy: Research and Learning Within the Westernised University (Workshop), Papanek Symposium Real World: Design, Politics, Future, Porto Design Biennale, Porto, Portugal

    09.2019—Against Performative Positivity: Designerly Ennui (Keynote), Graphic Design Opening Lectures, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    05.2019—Disciplinary Disobedience: a border-thinking approach to design (Keynote), Dilemma! Dilemma!, Hochschule der Künste Bern, Switzerland
    04.2019—A Designerly Ennui (Keynote), The Politics of Design, Triennale, Milan, Italy

    01.2019—A Woman’s Work (Panelist), Against Invisibility – Designers at the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau, 1898 to 1938, Japanisches Palais, Dresden, Germany

    12.2018—Imagining Otherwise (Talk), De-Colonizing, Nacionalinė dailės galerija, Vilnius, Lithuania
    09.2018—Decolonising Design: Imagining Otherwise, Design Domain, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK

    09.2018—The ‘Myth’ of Global Design (Keynote), Reconsidering Canon in a Diverse World, Design Museum, London, UK

    06.2018—Interview with Marwa El Mubark and Josh Fenton (Live Interview), NAW Live: The Time for Failure is Now!, The Workshop, London, UK

    05.2018—Interactions (Exhibition Tour with Rose Lejeune), Arabécédaire Hamed Abdallah, The Mosaic Rooms, London, UK

    03.2018-06.2018—Black as hell, strong as death, sweet as love: coffeehouse debates on decolonising design (Workshop), University of Applied Arts Vienna, Vienna, Austria

    09.2016—Designers Represent! Developing a Design Association in Amman, Jordan (Workshop), Amman Design Week, Amman, Jordan


    09.2022—Design per la formazione (Panelist) • How to [...] On Design Education (XVI Premio Nazionale delle Arti), Urbino, Italy

    09.2021—A Rose-Tinted Future? Tiipoi Talks x Clove Press at the India Club (Panelist) • London Design Week, London, UK

    07.2021—Critical Views on Re-Thinking Design Thinking (Panelist)  • Back to the Future Conference, Loughborough University (online), UK

    03.2021—In conversation with Maya Mahgoub-Desai (Discussant), Design TO In Conversation Series,  Toronto (online)

    01.2018—Panel discussion with Cecilia Wu, Hannah Catherine Jones, Lola Olufemi and Tanveer Ahmed (Discussant), Decolonising the Institution, RCASU Round Table Discussion, RCASU, Royal College of Art, London, UK

    11.2018—Decolonisation in Praxis (Moderator), Decolonising Knowledge around gender and sexuality, Birkbeck University, London, UK

    11.2018—Pedagogy and the Future of Design (Moderator), Fikra Biennial conference, Fikra Biennial, Sharjah, UAE

    11.2016—Intersectional Perspectives on Design, Politics and Power (Session Moderator), Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden
    11.2015—Creative Education (Moderator). Copy Paste Syndrome, Nuqat Conference, Kuwait City, Kuwait: http://nuqat.me/en/lectures/kuwait-Conference-2015#day3

    06.2015—Roundtable Discussion: The value of design in tech and social impact (Discussant), Beirut Design Week: International Conference 2015, Beirut, Lebanon: http://issuu.com/mena-design-research/docs/bdw2015_report/1

    03.2015—Little Women, Big Stories (Wadjda screening) (Discussant), Bechdel Test Film Festival, Stratford Picture House, London, UK

    03.2015—Experiences and challenges of Arab women artists, curators and producers in the UK (Discussant), Arab Women Artists Now, Rich Mix, London, UK

    03.2013—The Challenges of the Non-Profit Cultural Space (Moderator), Kalimat Talks, P21 Gallery, London, UK

    04.2012—Media Freedom in the Middle East (Discussant), Washington, DC

    03.2012—Cultural Kaleidoscope (Discussant), WOW Baltimore, Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore


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