︎︎︎Dr Danah Abdulla is a designer, educator and researcher based in London, UK

The Table Dance (2009–2013)

There comes a moment in every Arab’s life when they don’t want to dance on the dancefloor, and so one engages in the act of the infamous “table dance”. Both men and women partake in this. Here's how you can join in too. The Table Dance was originally a blog post accompanied with step-by-step photographs. We then decided to pursue it a collaborative project which turned into a step-by-step video, and installation.

Installation made for In the City: design and sound art exhibition | P21 Gallery (26 September–15 December 2013)

Produced by: Danah Abdulla (graphic design/text/camera/editing) and Karim Sultan (music/performance)

The Table Dance (2009-2013) by design_atelier_ from Kalimat Magazine on Vimeo.

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